Colombia - Finca La Primavera

Colombia - Finca La Primavera

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Gustavo Charry sees Microlot Finca La Primavera as an additional child - with the same love and pride. He has seen this child grow from the beginning, and as every childhood story, there have been challenging moments as well as moments of happiness.

For him, Finca la Primavera is the results of all his efforts and hard work. Gustavo was born and raised in the countryside surrounded by coffee trees. His parents were coffee growers, so it has always been a special part of his life. Coffee means so much to Gustavo and he feels proud that people all over the world are drinking his coffee. It makes him feel very special.

He knows that this is the result of his hard work, he is aware that for a farmer to grow a good coffee, it requires dedication and the continuous effort of a whole family.

Today, Gustavo would love the world to know that he is a man that has been producing coffee for his entire life, that he strives to improve every day and to produce better coffee year after year, and that he will do everything possible to deliver high quality coffee for the rest of his life.

Gustavo’s life and work partner is Alexandra, his wife, who helps him with the daily farm activities. The couple work together every day to produce outstanding coffee in their farm in Tolima department under Palandas municipality Colombia.

Finca La Primavera is been harvested two times a year, April - July and November - December. This coffee goes under a fully washed process and then ferments with the cherry for 40h. Then a fully air-dried on raised beds and covered patios drying method is applied under the shades of native trees. 

We are really excited to share with you it's excellent taste & aroma, projecting Gustavo's and Alexandra's hard work.