Colombia - Wilder Lasso - Tabi , Anaerobic Fermentation

Colombia - Wilder Lasso - Tabi , Anaerobic Fermentation

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Nuances:   Treacle , Green Apple , Nectarine 

Farm:   El Mirador

Provenance:   San Adolfo, Huila

Elevation:   1750 masl

Process:    Washed, Anaerobic

Variety:   Tabi


Colombia – Wilder Lasso is a washed and anaerobically fermented micro-lot from the El Mirador farm in the San Adolfo area of Huila, a department in southern Columbia.

This coffee, grown by Wilder Lasso, was carefully hand-picked to select only the ripest cherries, which were fermented for 40 hours in an anaerobic environment. Following this, the cherries were pulped, gently washed and sun dried until the ideal moisture content was achieved.

Colombia – Wilder Lasso is 100 percent Tabi, a new variety developed by ‘Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros’ that is a cross between the Timor Hybrid, Bourbon and Typica.

Colombia – Wilder Lasso has nuances of treacle, green apple and nectarine.

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