Fausto Calderon - Pacamara

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Nuances:   Candy Apple , Peach , Bubble Gum

Farm:   La Esmeralda

Provenence:   Saladoblaco, Huila

Elevation:   1750 masl

Process:   Washed, Double Fermentation - 30h Aerobic Dry & 36h Aerobic Wet

Variety: Pacamara


Mr. Fausto is a very cheerful person, he is a dedicated producer and strives to get the best out of his farm. He is characterised by looking after the interests of his community and is always ready to collaborate with people in whatever he can help.

He likes to make his coffee a new experience, he is constantly researching and testing new processes that allow him to discover new things in the cup. He is receptive to indications of quality improvement, he is an outstanding producer and very skilled in the production of coffee, he really enjoys doing it.

He develops a production of coffee and associated crops free of agrochemical inputs, implementing agroecological practices that contribute to the conservation and preservation of the environment. His farm is part of the Organic Production Program of the Terra Verde Association, which is in the process of being certified in the NOP-USDA ECOLOGICAL STANDARD AND IN EQUIVALENCE WITH THE REGULATIONS CE834 / 2007 AND CE-889 / 2008 OF THE EUROPEAN UNION'' through the international entity Mayacert.

The fertilisation that La Esmeralda carries out on its farm is based on an organic production management plan, which uses a greater proportion of biological waste elements, the composting of organic matter and the application of mineral broths as a complement to fertilisation. The coffee pulp itself is one of the main sources for soil fertilisation.

 Fausto said to us:

 "Behind a cup of coffee there is hard work and sacrifice, but above all a lot of professionalism and love for coffee, this being Don Fausto's greatest motivation to continue planting new varieties of excellent quality and to continue promoting the cultivation of coffee with techniques that as much as possible they continue to be friendly to the environment and that in this way it can continue to be an activity that benefits many more Colombian families".