Ethiopia - Buriso Amaje

Ethiopia - Buriso Amaje

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Nuances:    Mango, Lemon Verbena, Pomegranate

Farm:    Buriso Amaje

Provenence:  Dambi Village, Bensa District, Sidama

Elevation:   1950-2200

Process:    Natural

Variety:    Mixed Heirloom Varietals


Ethiopia – Buriso Amaje is a naturally processed coffee from a group of farmers, all with between three and 12 hectares at 1950-2200 metres above sea level, in the Sidama region of Southern Ethiopia.

It is named after the Sidama farmers’ group leader Buriso Amaje. The coffee was grown under the shade of a native forest, with other trees such as enset (Ethiopian or ‘false banana’) avocado, Albizia and Sesbania interplanted.

At harvest, only the fully ripe cherries were picked and hand-sorted in flotation tanks before being air dried on African (raised) beds for 18-20 days. The cherries were turned every hour during this drying process to control fermentation and create uniformity in taste.

Ethiopia – Buriso Amaje has a clean and fruity profile, with nuances of mango, lemon verbena and pomegranate.


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