Paola Trujillo - Pescador

Paola Trujillo - Pescador

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Nuances:   Brown Sugar, Caramel, Peach

Farm:   Patio Bonito

Elevation:   1560masl

Process:   Semi-washed 

Variety:   Castillo



Finca Patio Bonito, located at 1560 meters above sea level in the municipality of Caldono in the department of Cauca, surrounded by guayacan, mango de Oso, avocados, native and fruit trees, where its greatest wealth in production is its 6 hectares of coffee plants.

19 years ago Paola Yuliana Trujillo worked in a coffee company in the department of Nariño, where, being in charge of the quality part, she learned to cup and sample coffee, although it is a coffee tradition, this gave her the motivation to take charge and undertake his own coffee path on his farm.

For 9 years they have started their first crops, at the same time they attended courses from SENA (national apprenticeship service) is a training entity for work in Colombia.

Paola said to us: “there is nothing written, you always learn and this opens more doors to meet people from whom you continue to learn more”.

In this way it is that today at 35 years old she has already managed to have different varietals on her farm and also achieves economic independence based on coffee, after trial and error she managed to find her own technique allowing her to have a high-quality product, where each after processing, it has different specifications depending on the varietal.

And this is how Paola makes sure that over time her company can go very far, positioning itself with a high-quality product, maintaining the legacy left by her hero who is her father and also ensuring an economic resource for her and her family.

Why pescador?  This is how Paola treat her coffee after harvest. After picking cherries that are purple and average brix 19, she place them into huge tanks for 18h. Then replace them is big buckets and fill them with water so the bad quality cherry beans float and taken out. After separating unripe ones, depulping happens and coffee beans are placed into barrels for 24h anaerobic fermentation. Next is washing and drying them mechanically on a machine named quardiola.


Ideal For Filter & Espresso