Hunkute – Ethiopia

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Hunkute is a cooperative owned by 1700 coffee growers from the Dale area in the Sidama zone, of the Oromia region in Ethiopia. The Sidama zone is well known for its elegant, juicy, clean, floral and citrusy washed coffees as well as its“high quality” sundried coffees with unique red berry-like flavours.

This particular lot is grown at up to 2000 meters above sea level (masl) which benefits the development of greater complexity within the coffee beans and which translates to a roasted coffee characterised by complex flavours.

The coffee is a mix of a myriad of local varieties of Typica hybrids collectively referred to as the Sidamo Heirloom, and new improved varietals based on the old strains. The coffee trees were native to the local forests and at some point were transferred to smallholder farmer plots.

The coffee is fully washed, fermented for 24-48 hours, then soaked in clean water an additional 24 hours and then dried on African raised beds for 10-12 days.

The floral notes, high complexity and elegant finish of this coffee never fails to please and it is roasted in such a manner as to ensure that the characteristics of its origin really shines through.