San Antonio – Guatemala

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Recommendations: we recommend start brewing our coffees not earlier than 7-10 days after roast date to get best flavours out of the beans. Freshly roasted coffee contains noticeable amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas. Technically it is a barrier that doesn’t allow getting all potential flavours into your cup when brewing too fresh coffee. And that is a potential culprit that ruins your favourite drink sensory experience – coffee might taste under-extracted, hence sour, flat, papery, cellulose-like, and fresh wood-like. When brewing, noticeably intense foaming and bubbling is a sign of coffee being very fresh. Likewise, the freshness of the flavours can’t stay for too long as well. We encourage consumption of our coffees within a period of 9 weeks after roast date, although you can enjoy the coffee for up to 6 months if stored appropriately.