Jhoan Vergara - Red Bourbon

Jhoan Vergara - Red Bourbon

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Nuances:   Honey , Triacle , Prune , Red Apple

Farm:   Las Flores

Provenence:   Acevedo, Huila

Elevation:   1750 masl

Process:   Anaerobic Fermentation in a plastic bag for approximately 60h, Anaerobic Temprature 20°,  Semi - Washed

Variety:   Red Bourbon


Jhoan said to us:

Farm Las Flores began in 1990. It was founded by Edilberto Vergara and Nubia Ayure. Originally from the department of Cundinamarca, children of coffee growers who inherited their passion for the countryside and especially for coffee.

The farm has an extension of 16 hectares (160,000) m2, only 2 hectares were cultivated in coffee and it is where my parents began their work in cultivating the rest of the free land. For the year 1998 the farm is already fully cultivated. By this time our family is already formed in a nucleus of 5 children, from eldest to youngest: Xiomara, Leonardo, Carlos, me and Diego.

At this time the tradition was to cultivate, harvest, wash, dry and sell. In 2006 my mother took the initiative to compete in the cup of excellence, she was ranked 16th and it was at that moment she took the first steps to explore the great world of specialty coffees. Years Later, our mother passed away and left us a very important legacy. A task that we must carry out and that in life she was a person who faithfully believed that the field had a future as long as we studied in depth everything related to coffee. We children grow up and begin to ask ourselves many questions. One of them was what would happen after delivering our coffee? What would its destination be? How could we improve? Will there be a broader market? For this time Jhoan is given the

Task of investigating a little more about each question and enters a public institution called Sena, where he learns and deepens theoretical and practical knowledge on coffee-related issues. learn better agricultural practices that lead to improving all the links in the coffee chain and emphasise quality in the cup, at this time the traditional Caturra variety that we had cultivated began to be renewed and little by little we visited producers, getting to know different types of varieties, tasting and analysing sensory profiles that were consistent with the height of our farm and available soils, today Finca Las Flores has different varieties such as:







Already immersed in the subject of quality. Carlos, Jhoan and Diego decide to take the next step. It consisted of starting to develop replicable profiles and thus be able to highlight the potential of each variety, each one has its fundamental work on the farm. Carlos and Diego are in charge of processing and giving proper management to fermentation times, types of processes and care in drying, Jhoan is in charge of analysing the experiments, defining which process is according to the variety and judging the quality. He is also in charge of the commercial part to publicise the work that is done together. According to the time that we have carried out this project, we have been able to design different processes such as natural, honey, and washed, highlighting each characteristic of each variety.

 Jhoan in 2019 participates in the MASTER OF COFFEE contest, in the coffee grower - roaster modality, occupying the first place

of 162 participants with our flagship rosé bourbon variety with a semi-washed process. He had the opportunity to travel to South Korea and participate in an auction with coffees from different parts of the world, achieving first place in the auction. This achievement makes us believe that we are on the right track, It motivates us to improve and give our best to always bring excellent coffee to customers, in each process we carry out we always think that we are in a contest and we put into practice every knowledge.


Jhoan Said to us:

Finca las Flores's mission is to contribute to the environment with excellent agricultural practices. Make this company a gateway to share knowledge with generational changes in order to join forces and have a profitable and sustainable coffee industry. Position ourselves as a company with projection into the future, conquering customers and new markets, having facilities with state-of-the-art equipment where the customer can learn about and understand the coffee process up close and be able to effectively explain this wonderful world called coffee