Colombia - Luis Anibal Calderon - Ombligon

Colombia - Luis Anibal Calderon - Ombligon

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Nuances:    Blueberry, Tangerine, Caramelised Apple

Farm:  Villa Betuila

Provenence:   Acevedo, Huila, Villa Betulia

Elevation:  1500 - 1600 masl

Process:  Natural, Anaerobic

Variety:    Ombligon


This coffee was grown by Luis Anibal Calderon at the farm Villa Betulia. It was exposed to dry aerobic fermentation for 24 hours before being placed inside Grainpro bags for 50 hours at a temperature below 22 degrees Celsius. Then, the whole cherries were placed on raised beds until they reached 11 percent moisture content.

This variety is native to Ethiopia and arrived in Huila many years ago. Luis was lucky enough to be able to cultivate and learn the behavior of this plant. The results, after many years of monitoring and experimenting, were interesting. The cherry was elongated and had a belly-button shape on the base of the fruit. This “belly button” term can be translated as Ombligon in Spanish, which is why Luis Anibal also refers to this variety as Ombligon.


Colombia - Luis Anibal - Ombligon has nuances of blueberry, tangerine, caramelised apple and floral notes.


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