Peace Project

Peace Project

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Nuances:   Maple Syrup , Orange , Milk Chocolate

Farm:   Finca La Serena , Edisson Vergara

Provenence:   Huila , Pitalito

Elevation:   1630 masl

Process:   Washed

Variety: Castillo



Edisson said to us:

I am based in Finca La Serena, a farm of 18 hectares, almost exclusively in coffee. Our farm is located at a height of 1630 masl near Pitalito town. We have 5 different varieties:  Castillo, Tambi, Colombia,  Bourbon Rosado and Caturra.

My project consists of the production and commercialization of speciality coffee and I hope the people from beyond this region get to know our coffee, the best coffee in southern Colombia. My bet for peace is to be able to position the brand and through it, to be able to employ farmers in the region, promote reconciliation and show that you can achieve your dreams.

It is also important to highlight the support that the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN) has given me throughout this whole time with a series of workshops, courses and other activities in recent years. It has allowed my business to achieve social inclusion and integration, as well as the possibility of qualifying me in various aspects related to coffee. 

In late June 2021, I participated, together with six productive projects of former members of the FARC-EP guerrilla committed to the peace process, in the world fair ‘World Coffee Fair.  It is something that fills me with emotion and satisfaction because we have worked very hard for the company to get to where it is now.

In the south of Huila we have the best coffees, and especially my coffee that represents the sunrise of the south of Huila with its aroma of red cherries. In my coffee plantations you breathe peace, and it represents my opportunity to get ahead with my family and it is a homage to my father who has left me his coffee legacy.

Edisson couldn't be more accurate and we are very happy to witness personal innovation through coffee.


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