Kalico Coop – Burundi

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This coffee is sourced from the Kalico Cooperative, one of the very few private owners of a washing station in Burundi, a country where the coffee industry is largely controlled by the government who own and operate the majority of washing stations, a key component of coffee processing. In 2012, the all-female owned Cooperative bought Murango, a small washing station located in the province of Muyinga in the North Eastern corner of the country.

The Cooperative favours a single fermentation method using 9 separate fermentation tanks to keep the coffee lots separate until they are dried and cupped for quality. The lower scoring lots are blended for commercial coffee with the best lots remaining separate for sale as micro-lots. Our lot comes from the peak of the harvest and is among the highest scoring lots from this station.

They have a comprehensive policy in place for the management of their farms with a preference for natural and sustainable methods such as the use of coffee cherries as an organic fertiliser.