Peru - Chinchiquilla

Peru - Chinchiquilla

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Nuances:    Panela, Milk Chocolate, Mandarin

Provenence:     Cajamarca

Elevation:     1750 - 1950 masl

Process:     Washed

Variety:     Typica, Catiimor, Bourbon, Caturra


Along the highlands of San Ignacio, Cajamarca in northen Peru, there is a big beautiful and protected humid mountane cloud forest called Bousqes el Chaupe, Cunia y Chinchiquilla, that nurtus the region and benefits the members of the community with rainfall, ideal microclimates and amazing biodivercity, fauna & flora.

The region is known for having constant rainfall during the year which helps them keep an ideal climatic balance and produce amazing coffee.

This forest extends to various communities inside the province od San Ignacio such as Chirinos, La Coipa, Namballe, San Ignacioand Tabaconas. Water streams that form within this forest, supplying water to all the communities around the province of San Ignacio. The producers who contribute to this amazing lots, recognise and believe that by always placing nature first, they add greater value to the coffee and its surroundings.

The main economic activity in this region is coffee production and other fruits as well as cattle raising. Coffee growers in this region are very aware and committed on the importance of protecting the environment and taking care of their forests.