Uganda - Bukonzo Dream

Uganda - Bukonzo Dream

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Nuances:   Strawberry, Blueberry, Vanilla

Provenence:   Uganda, Rwenzori Mountains

Elevation:   1800 - 2000

Process:   Natural

Variety:   SL14 - SL28


Uganda – Bukonzo Dream is a natural process lot that is a combination of between 300-500 regional farms located in Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda, sitting between 1800 and 2000 metres above sea level.

It is processed by Agri Evolve, a profit-for-purpose company that started its story when Johnny Rowland, a budding agronomist studying Tropical Agriculture at Reading University, UK, heard his parents recount inspiring stories from their time spent living and working in rural Uganda. Rowland wanted to experience this for himself post-university, so utilising his parents' connections and joined by his childhood friend James Wilkinson, he decided to travel to the Rwenzori Mountains to try his hand at creating agricultural projects.

Working for a rural development centre in Kagando known as KARUDEC, Rowland and Wilkinson were exposed to how individual farms can be supported in their traditional farming practices. Soon, they set their sights on working on supporting entire communities of farmers to try and maximize the positive impact they could bring to Rwenzori.

Agri Evolve has since grown in the farming community, being seen as a stable and reliable place to sell coffee that consistently paid good and punctual prices, making a huge difference for farmers. Its team now consists of 50 skilled individuals sourcing and processing coffee from thousands of farmers across the Rwenzori Mountains.

Uganda – Bukonzo Dream has nuances of strawberry, blueberry and vanilla.


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