Catalyst Christmas Coffee

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Catalyst Exclusive Coffee

We are excited to announce a UK exclusivity on this coffee

Borboun Aruzi

Rare variety equals rare taste

Catalyst Exclusive - Javier Quintero - Bourbon Aruzi

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Customer favourite

Loved for its stunning clarity, our single estate, wash processed Castillo creates a balanced, silky mouthfeel with a sweet fruity, milk chocolaty aftertaste.

Enhance its delicate complexity by enjoying it black or with milk, brewed either by filter or espresso.


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Carefully curated to liven up your ritual

Curated for filter

Filter brews create waves of flavours that take you on a journey as the cup cools— with a distinct start, middle, and finish.

This collection balances acidity with sweetness to preserve the roast’s subtleties and form a vast body without overpowering notes.

Ethiopia - Buriso Amaje

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Colombia - Wilder Lasso - Tabi , Anaerobic Fermentation

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Ethiopia - Wete Ambela

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Curated for moka pot

Moka Pots produce a bold often bitter cup treasured by many as the quintessential Italian café espresso.

To reduce overpowering the senses with bitterness, we've curated a selection of beans to withstand the intensity of the brew while preserving the ensemble of intricate flavours and aromas.

Bolivia - Nayra Qata

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Nicaragua - Las Marias

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Koffiracha Chilli Flame

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Koffiracha Chilli Flame™ is a mild hot sauce made from fruity single-origin coffee and ripe chilli peppers that blend into a tangy, creamy, spicy burst of flavour to fire up eggs, burgers, avocado toasts—anything to perfection.

You'll use a bottle per dish — seriously

Koffiracha Chilli Flame is on The Infatuation's radar as a condiment to douse over everything you make in the kitchen. Yes, especially on your eggs, trust us.

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