Enjoy the best cup of coffee you've ever made

With small batch freshly roasted coffee beans

carefully curated to liven up your ritual

Curated for Filter

Filter brews create waves of flavours that take you on a journey as the cup cools— with a distinct start, middle, and finish.

This collection balances acidity with sweetness to preserve the roast’s subtleties and form a vast body without overpowering notes.

Burundi - Bujumbura

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Rwanda - Kirambo

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Curated for Moka Pot

Moka Pots produce a bold often bitter cup treasured by many as the quintessential Italian café espresso.

To reduce overpowering the senses with bitterness, we've curated a selection of beans to withstand the intensity of the brew while preserving the ensemble of intricate flavours and aromas.

Guatemala Villaure

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Coffee so good, we're on Eater London's best places to buy coffee list

Customer Favourite

Loved for its stunning clarity, our single estate, naturally processed Catuai creates a balanced, silky mouthfeel with a sweet fruity aftertaste.

Enhance its delicate complexity by enjoying it black and brewed either by filter or espresso.

Peru - Union Y Fe Organic

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Coffee Sriracha

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Take brunch to the next level with our signature Coffee Sriracha made with fresh chillies and single estate Catalyst Coffee.

A magical sauce of fruity, tangy, nutty, and roasted coffee notes with deep savoury melodies, it's sure to make any avo toast exhilarating.

You'll use a bottle per dish — seriously

Coffee Sriracha is on The Infatuation's radar as a condiment to douse over everything you make in the kitchen. Yes, especially on your eggs, trust us.

Taste good, feel good, do good


By roasting our beans locally in London, you not only get the freshest, evocative, intoxicating and delicious cup of coffee, but we also reduce our carbon footprint on the planet.


Through fair prices, direct trade, community development, and environmental stewardship, we build equitable partnerships throughout the supply chain to source our coffee in ways that contribute to a better life for farming families.


The environmental impacts of agriculture are more relevant than ever. While we take significant steps toward better packaging and distribution, we know the origin side of coffee production needs more attention. As we learn what works and what does not, we take leaps toward more sustainable solutions in every part of the coffee lifecycle.

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